China Accelerates Robotic Automation with 44% Increase in Robot Installations

China: robot installations have grown by 44 percent

Marina Bill, president of the International Federation of Robotics, said that China was leading the global recovery following the Covid-19 epidemic and that it would account for half of all robot installations worldwide in 2021. The growth is strong in all industries, with the electrical and electronic sector dominating – up 30% on 81.600 installations. Automotive industry showed a strong rebound. The main driver was the production of electric vehicles in China. In 2021, it rose 89% with 50.700 installations.

Chinese Government supports robotic automation

The demographics of China’s aging population is a major factor in the shortage of workers and growth of robotic automation. In the beginning of this year, the government announced that it would continue to robotize industries. The Five-Year Plan for the Robotics Industry, released by MIIT in Beijing, is focused on innovation and making China the global leader of robotic technology and industrial progress.


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