ChatGPT’s Big Impact: How the AI Phenomenon Revolutionized Big Tech’s Cautious Approach to AI

Big Tech has been cautious about AI. ChatGPT was born.

You are now in the phase of exponential growth for the Technological Singularity.

Facebook’s parent company Meta launched a similar bot three months before ChatGPT was released in November. Meta’s Blenderbot, however, was not the instant hit that ChatGPT became with over a million users within its first five day period. According to Yann LeCun, Meta’s chief AI scientist, Meta’s Blenderbot, was dull.

LeCun, a consultant for the AI company Collective[i], said that \”the reason it was boring is because it was made safer.\” He blamed Meta’s \”overly cautious\” content moderation for the lackluster public response. For example, he said that the chatbot was instructed to change the topic if the user asked about religion. ChatGPT will converse with a user about falsehoods found in the Quran and write a prayer to be delivered by a rabbi at Congress. It will also compare God to a flying swatter.

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