Cerebras Systems Boosts AI Collaboration with Open Source ChatGPT-like Models

AI computing startup Cerebras releases ChatGPT-like open source models

OAKLAND (CALIFORNIA), March 28th, Reuters — Artificial Intelligence chip startup Cerebras Systems released on Tuesday open-source ChatGPT models to the research and business communities for free, in an attempt to foster more collaborative.

Silicon Valley’s Cerebras has released seven models, all trained on Andromeda its AI supercomputer. These models range from smaller language models with 111 million parameters to a 13 billion parameter version.

Andrew Feldman is the founder and CEO at Cerebras. He said: \”There’s a huge movement to close open-sourced AI. It’s not surprising, as it’s now a very lucrative field.\” The excitement within the community and the progress made has been largely due to the fact that it was so open.


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