Biohybrid Robot Takes its First Steps: A Potential Future of Thinking and Boinking?

The biohybrid mouse-muscle robot successfully walks and could think or boink later

You may not realize how much robots contribute to modern life. These robots may not look like the sci-fi machines you might imagine, but they are hard at work building cars or learning to control nuclear fusion. Boston Dynamics’ creations are performing all kinds of crazy stunts, like dancing or protecting Pompeii.

It turns out that robotics isn’t just about metal machines. Biohybrids robots could be a part of the cyberpunk world in the future. OSCAR is an artist’s rendering of a meaty, pulsating, flesh robot. (Opens in new tab) It has only been a couple days since I first saw it. It’s time to refresh your memory with a biohybrid robotic device.


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