AI Imagines the Last Selfies on Earth: A Grisly Yet Stunningly Delightful Visualization

AI Imagines the last selfies on Earth in Grisly yet Stunningly Delightful frames

So, artificial intelligence predicts that selfies will dominate. Ghoulish human beings holding mobile phones at the end, an event which would destroy all signs of life. It is difficult to imagine a situation like this. Midjourney is an AI image generator that is an obscure, but close, associate of Open AI. They imagined some of these images to show how frightening they can be. The images, shared by @RobotOverloads on a tiktok account were gory and hellish. Images of disfigured humans with eyes the size of ratholes and fingers that are long enough to scoop up curdled human blood were generated. Artificial intelligence’s frames go beyond depicting annihilation. They are both cut off from reality and very few. In billions of years, selfies will be a fossilized idea and humans will be considered the biological ancestors to cyborgs.

In the same frame, you can see a man staring maniacally into the camera while huge explosions are going off. Artificial intelligence’s creative spark is evident in this image. It’s possible that it took a cue from the images of people snapping selfies against the backdrops of natural disasters and accidents to create clickbait. Image generators allow users to visualise their imagination, no matter how far from reality they are. The netizens find them charming, to the point that one wonders if these are nibiru theories or planet X theories! This tik-tok has more than 12,7 million views. The reply \”OK, no more sleep\” posted by Tik Tok users sums up the superficiality and melodramatic image generation capability of AI.


AI Imagines the Last Selfies on Earth in Grisly Yet Stunningly Delightful Frames

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