Unlocking the Secrets of the Fly Brain: The First Complete Brain Map of an Insect

The first complete brain map of an insect may reveal secrets for better AI
Neuroscience is not a field where breakthroughs are common, but one just happened. An international team has released the complete brain connectivity map for the young fruit fly. The paper was published in Science last week. The map, called a connectome, contains 3,016 synapses and 548 000 neurons. It is the most complex wiring diagram of the whole brain to date.

Shinya Yamamoto, a Baylor College of Medicine doctor who wasn’t involved in the research, said, \”It is a \”wow.\”

Why should we care about a fly? Drosophila is far from being an uninvited guest at dinner. It’s a neuroscience darling. The fly’s brain, which is about the size of a poppy-seed compared to 100 billion neurons in human brains, shares many similar principles with our own.


The First Complete Brain Map of an Insect May Reveal Secrets for Better AI

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