Unlocking the Secrets of Organoid Intelligence: Harnessing Human Brain Cells to Create Revolutionary Biocomputers

Biocomputers powered by human brain cells — \”Organoid Intelligence\”, a revolutionary biocomputer.

AI has a long history, but its computing power is still far inferior to that of a brain. Scientists have revealed a new way to advance computing: the use of lab-grown brain cells as biological hardware.

Artificial intelligence (AI), which is a form of artificial intelligence, has been inspired for a long time by the brain. AI has achieved many impressive things, from diagnosing medical conditions and composing poetry. The original model still outperforms machines in many areas. It is for this reason that we can, for instance, ‘prove’ our humanity by taking trivial online image tests. Instead of trying to make AI brain-like we could go straight to the source.

Scientists from multiple disciplines are working together to develop biocomputers that use three-dimensional cultures, or brain organoids, of brain cells as biological hardware. In Frontiers in Science, they describe their plan for achieving this vision.


“Organoid Intelligence” – Revolutionary Biocomputers Powered by Human Brain Cells

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