Unlocking the Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Materials Science: A Review

Combining Artificial Intelligence with Physics Simulations to Design Innovative Materials

Max Planck scientists examine the potential of artificial intelligence for materials science, and publish their review article in Nature Computational Science.

The high demands placed on advanced materials in terms of sustainability and applicability make them more complex. Dierk Raabe and his colleagues examined the use of artificial intelligent in materials science, and the new possibilities it offers when combined with simulations based on physics. AI is a powerful tool that has many advantages over traditional simulation methods. It will be a key component in future material sciences.

In the modern world, advanced materials are needed urgently, whether in high-tech, mobility, green energy, or medicine. The complexity of chemical structures, compositions and properties limits the traditional methods of exploring and discovering new materials. New materials must not only be able to support novel applications but also sustainable methods of production, use and recycling.


Merging Artificial Intelligence and Physics Simulations To Design Innovative Materials

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