Trust in Artificial Intelligence Linked to Disdain for Fellow Humans

Artificial intelligence is more trusted by people who distrust their fellow human beings

UNIVERSITY PARK (Pa.) — A recent study found that a person’s mistrust of humans will predict their level of trust in the ability of artificial intelligence to moderate online content. Researchers say that the findings have implications for designers as well as users of AI tools on social media.

S. Shyam Sundar is the James P. Jimirro professor of Media Effects, Penn State. According to our analysis, it seems that this is due to users claiming that machines are objective, accurate and free of ideological bias.

The study published in New Media & Society found that the opposite was also true for \”power users\”, who are experienced users and users of technology. They trust the AI moderators a lot less, because they think that machines are not able to understand human language.


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