Title: US Air Force and MIT commission Lead AI Pilot for DAF-MIT AI Accelerator

US Air Force and MIT select a leading AI pilot to lead their innovative project

Out of more than 1,400 applicants, the project known as DAF MIT AI Accelerator selected a Pilot.

In October 2022, the United States Air Force and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), together with their AI pilot program — a training system that utilizes artificial intelligence — commissioned a lead AI project. The project uses the expertise of MIT and Department of Air Force in order to investigate the potential of AI algorithms for the DAF.

The Department of the Air Force and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Artificial Intelligence Accelerator is a joint project between the military department of the university.

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The pilot and the project

In 2019, an executive order was signed to create a prototype for the project. Various strategies were implemented in 2020. The DAF-MIT AI Accelerator collective, also known as DAF, commissioned its lead AI pilot in the last month. The AIA’s deputy director, Major John Radovan said, \”In this pilot [the cohort] can gain a practical understanding of AI and its applications to business, helping transform your organization into the workforce for the future.\”

Selecting the AI pilot as a leader

Out of more than 1,400 applicants, the DAF-MIT AI Accelerator selected a single pilot. Total of 200 participants were chosen to create a diverse team across DAF and U.S. Government organizations. Colonel Garry Floyd of the DAF Artificial Intelligence Accelerator said that AI would eventually be used in combat alongside officers. He told the participants that AI is now in the battlespace and will be there soon. He asked them, \”What are we bringing to the table and what does the pacing menace bring?\”


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