The Unstoppable Rise of Nvidia: The iPhone Moment of A.I. Has Started

A.I. on iPhone has begun Has Started
Nvidia’s focus is on the future of computing, not \”the iPhone moment for A.I.\” NVIDIA DGX Supercomputers are used by businesses around the world 24/7 to refine data and process AI.

OpenAI is given a lot more credit than Nvidia, but I think they deserve it. ChatGPT, launched late last year, became popular almost instantly, with over 100 millions users. It is now the fastest growing application in history. Huang stated that \”we are at the iPhone of AI.\” Nvidia generates revenue of $6 to $7 billion a quarter.

Nvidia announced that it is offering a set of cloud-based services to allow businesses the ability to create their own AI models using their own data. The Nvidia AI foundations services include three main components that are designed to speed up enterprise adoption of generative AI. Enterprises can access the models by using Nvidia NeMo Language Service or Nvidia Picasso Image, Video and 3D Service.


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