The Rise of Dystopian AI in China: Monitoring Party Loyalty Through Facial Scanning and Brainwave Analysis

China brings a dystopian AI to life and uses it to check party loyalty

This artificial intelligence software uses a combination polygraphs, facial scans, and brainwaves to analyze facial expressions to determine if the subject was paying attention to political and thought education. It provides real data to organizers of political and ideological education so that they can continue improving their methods and enriching content. It can measure how well party members accept political and thought education.

Smart Political Education Bar analyzes user brainwaves and uses facial recognition to determine the level of acceptance. It is possible to determine the level of concentration, mastery, and recognition of political and ideological education.

President Xi is the secretary of the Communist Party, and the leader of a nation of 1.4 Billion. He has called for absolute loyalty to his party, and declared previously that political and thought education are essential parts of government doctrine. Using this technology, they are treating all party members like potential anti-CCP agents. These techniques used on party officials show the sad state of affairs in the ranks of the party.


China gives Life to a Dystopian AI and Uses it to Check Party Loyalty

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