The Future is Now: Experiencing Technology Advances Through Our Dog Kaia

We were surprised to see that Kaia, our dog, didn’t receive the usual cone of shame after she had her organs removed.
In fact, it’s now standard practice to not use external stitches when spaying. If I could do it again, I’d choose a keyhole port surgery, which would be easier to recover from. This would have meant switching vets. For only $400 Kaia had not only advanced surgery without external stitches but was also made into a Cyborg by having a microchip implanted. It’s pretty impressive!

Here is one example where we are rushing into a future that looks like something from science fiction. ChatGPT is the most notable example, as it feels much more intelligent than other chatbots. Ray Kurzweil used to predict that AGI would be here in 2029, while everyone else predicted 2070 or even never. Many people now pick 2029, and I can see how the technology behind ChatGPT could be part of AGI. The first sign that AGI would be coming was the addition of Content-Aware Fill to Photoshop. This feature lets you remove a person in a beach scene with one simple step. It’s really impressive!

Another example of technology advancing was when my retina in my right eye partially detached a few year ago. My doctor performed surgery in his office with cryotherapy and added a sulfur hexafluoride gas bubble to stabilize the situation. The next day, he continued the laser therapy in his office. No need to go to hospital. No hospital needed!

Watch our killer guard dog Kaia patrolling in this video. Watch out, world!


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