The Future is Here: GPT-4 and Beyond

GPT-4 Is Almost Here and It Looks Better Than Anything Else

OpenAI, an AI research lab, unveiled in May 2020 the largest neural network created to date –GPT-3 –in a paper entitled, \”Language Models Are Few Shot Learners\”. Researchers released a beta-version API to allow users to play with the system. This gave birth to the new buzz of generative artificial intelligence.

People produced eccentric results. The new language model was able to convert the description of a website into code. It emulates the human narrative, by either writing customised poetry or turning into a philosopher–predicting the true meaning of life. The model is capable of everything. There’s a lot that it can’t do.

GPT-3 may not be a big deal to some people, so the name is a little ambiguous. This model may be just a small fraction of future models.


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