Securely Accessing the Metaverse: Introducing MetaSecure, a Three-Stage Authentication System

Metaverse authentication: A three-stage system

Many computer scientists have explored the idea of metaverse in recent years. This is an online space where users can access virtual environments and immersive experience using VR and AR headsets. Users may also choose to share their personal information while navigating through the metaverse. This could be done for a variety of reasons, including purchasing goods, connecting with other users or other uses.

In the past, studies have repeatedly highlighted the weaknesses of password-based authentication systems. There are many cyber-attacks that can be used to crack them. Password-based authentication is not the best way to increase security for users who navigate the metaverse.

A team of researchers from VIT-AP University, India, was inspired by this to develop MetaSecure – a passwordless authentication system. This system was introduced in a pre-published paper on arXiv. It combines three authentication techniques: device attestation (which is a form of device verification), facial recognition, and physical security keys.


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