Robotics and Automation Surge in North America: Automotive Industry Leads the Way with Record Sales for Third-Straight Quarter

Robot sales in North America reach record high for third consecutive quarter

It will also create jobs in the software industry.

ANN ARBOR .–(BUSINESSWIRE)–For a third consecutive quarter, North American robot sales reached a record level, driven by an increase in demand for automated logistics in e-commerce and a renewed interest in the automotive industry. The Association for Advancing Automation reports that 59% of orders for the 12,305 robots in Q2 2022 came from the automotive sector. The remaining orders were from companies outside the automotive industry, primarily in the food & beverage industry.

Industry group @a3automate reported that robot sales in North America hit a new record for the third quarter in a row. This includes resurging #automotive, and the continued adoption of #robotics and automation in food and consumer products industries due to #ecommerce. Tweet this

Jeff Burnstein, A3’s President, said that while automotive companies have been at the forefront of robotics and automation for many years, in the past few years, other industries have grown even faster. The continued growth of robots in the food and consumer goods industry demonstrates that warehouse logistics must be automated to handle the explosive growth of ecommerce. \”We’re thrilled to be able to present the latest in robotics for the logistics industry at our upcoming Autonomous Mobile Robots & Logistics Week, which will take place in Boston in October.\”


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