Revolutionizing Tunneling: Earthgrid’s Rapid Burrowing Robot (RBR) Digs Tunnels 100X Faster and 98% Cheaper

The new plasma robot is 100 times faster at digging tunnels and 98% cheaper
Earthgrid’s robot uses high temperatures and pressure to vaporize or break rocks, unlike conventional boring machines that use large cutting wheels for slow excavation of tunnels.

The machine is powered by electricity and can be emission-free depending on the source of energy. Earthgrid claims its system is fast and inexpensive, as it doesn’t have to touch the rock directly when it excavates. Projects that were previously deemed unfeasible due to their cost will now become feasible.

Earthgrid currently operates on pre-seed financing and is developing the \”Rapid Burrowing Robot\” (RBR), a spallation borer robot equipped with plasma torches at 48,600 degrees Fahrenheit (27,000 degrees Celsius) mounted on large discs.


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