Quantum Computing Now Within Reach: Baidu Releases Superconducting Quantum Computer and World’s First All-Platform Integration Solution

Baidu releases the world’s first all-platform integration solution and superconducting quantum computer, bringing quantum computing within reach

\”Everyone can quantum.\”

Baidu, a Chinese multinational technology company, released its first quantum computing system on Thursday. The \”Qian Shi\”, the first superconducting computer, can integrate hardware, applications, and software. Baidu has also launched Liang Xi, the first quantum hardware-software solution that integrates across all platforms, which allows users to access various quantum chips through mobile apps, PCs, and clouds.

Qian Shi will be able to solve problems and data that standard computers cannot calculate. This is also considered a breakthrough for artificial intelligence, computational biology, material simulation and financial technology.

Qian Shi provides a quantum computing service with a high level of accuracy and power. It has 10 qubits (quantum bits). Baidu, in addition to Qian Shi has developed a design for a 36 qubit superconducting chip.


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