Panic Stations: The Startling Impact of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and PAL Robotics’ Humanoid AI Robots

New Humanoid AI Robots Technology
Deep Learning AI Specialization:
ChatGPT, from Open AI, has surprised many users. It is capable of completing programming tasks based on natural language descriptions, creating legal contracts, automating tasks, translating languages, writing articles, answering questions, making video games, carrying out customer service tasks and much more. PAL Robotics’ humanoid robots have been taught to use the objects around them to keep their balance when they lose it.

AI News Timestamps:
Why OpenAI’s ChatGPT Is Making People Panic.
3:29 New Humanoid AI Robots.
8:20 Coursera Deep Learning AI

Twitter / Reddit credits:
ChatGPT3 AR (Stijn Spanhove)
Roblox game made with ChatGPT3 (codegodzilla)
ChatGPT3 – Text to Image Prompts (Manu. Vision | Futuriste)
ChatGPT3 for video game creation (u/apinanaivot)
ChatGPT3 making video game land (Lucas Ferreira da Silva)
ChatGPT3 deleting blender default cube (Blender Renaissance)
ChatGPT3 responding about Matrix (Mario Reder)
ChatGPT3 to write acquisition rational for the board of directors (The Secret CFO)
ChatGPT3 to get job offers (Leon Noel)
Automated rpa with ChatGPT3 (Sahar Mor)
ChatGPT3 making 3D web designs (Avalon*4)
ChatGPT3 making a legal contract (Atri)
ChatGPT3 making signup program (Chris Raroque)

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