OpenAI’s Groundbreaking Achievement: Training a Minecraft Bot Using 70,000 Hours of Gameplay Videos

OpenAI has successfully trained a Minecraft Bot using 70,000 hours worth of gameplay videos

This AI superintelligence is quite amazing. It learns like a human. One day, I want everything to be automated from labor to digital trade like bitcoin and even stock markets. With neuralink, we could also essentially have a similar intelligence to the superintelligence. This would allow humans to achieve a superintelligent-level of abilities. I believe that DNA computers would be a better alternative to implants, or downloading information into human DNA computers. Even brain downloads could provide binary code files or superintelligence abilities.

OpenAI has focused on AI and machine learning advancements that benefit humanity. The company recently trained a bot that can play Minecraft by using over 70,000 hours worth of gameplay videos. This achievement goes beyond a robot playing a video game. This is a huge step forward for advanced machine learning based on observation and imitation.


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