NSA Cyber Boss Warns of AI Tools Empowering Hacks

NSA cyber boss warns that AI tools such as ChatGPT will likely empower hackers

Rob Joyce, NSA, said that AI tools, which are much debated, will not automate every digital attack, phishing scheme, or hunt for software vulnerabilities. However, they will \”optimize workflows\” and deceptions in an environment already fast-paced.

\”Will it replace hackers with super-AI hacking?\” Joyce told an audience at the Center for Strategic and International Studies that the technology is not likely to replace hackers in the near future. \”But it’ll make hackers who use AI more effective and operate better than others.\”

U.S. officials believe that mastery of AI is critical for long-term competitiveness, whether it’s in the defense sector, finance or other sectors. As of early 2021, the Pentagon was working on at least 685 AI-related projects, some of which were tied to major weapon systems.


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