New Artificial Ionic Skin: Soft, Fatigue-Free and Self-Healing

Artificial ionic skin that is soft, fatigue-free, and self-healing

Roboticists and materials scientists have tried to develop artificial systems that mimic human body parts, and replicate their functions. Artificial skins and protective layers could enhance robots’ sensing abilities.

Researchers from the Julich Centre for Neutron Science in Germany and Donghua University, China have developed a highly promising artificial ionic based on a self healing elastic nanomesh. This interwoven structure resembles that of human skin. This artificial skin was introduced in Nature Communications in a paper that is soft, fatigue free and self-healing.

Shengtong Sun is one of the researchers involved in the study. She said: \”As you know, skin is the largest body organ. It acts as a protective barrier and a sensory interface, keeping our body healthy and perceptive.\” Researchers are trying to coat robots that mimic the sensory and mechanical properties of the human skin with an artificial skin.


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