Managing the Dangers of Deepfakes with Transparency and Education

Deepfakes – The danger of artificial intelligence that we will learn to manage better
Deepfakes can be frighteningly easy to make. Will this technology lead to a world of \”alternative fact\” where the \”truth\” goes to die? No. Deepfakes is a technology and it’s expected that abuse will increase as the technology becomes more widely available. We will improve transparency and detection over time. Most importantly, users will be more informed and better equipped to combat Deepfakes abuse.

What is a deepfake?

Deepfakes is a method of manipulating images. Image manipulation is nothing new. Stalin removed Nikolai Yezhov’s face from still photos. Artificial Intelligence is the technology behind deepfakes today.

Are you afraid that fake technology will destroy the \”truth\” and undermine democracy? Don’t! Deepfakes can be detected using the same tools that we use to detect fake Amazon reviews, fake emails and fake bot conversations: transparency, regulation, education, and artificial intelligence (AI).


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