LifeX Ventures: Investing in Software to Prolong Longevity

Software is the focus of a new $100 million longevity fund

New venture capital fund focusing on longevity is about to announce its initial investments in order to accelerate the commercialisation of this field. Life Extension Ventures, a New York-based venture capital firm, has created a $100 million fund for companies that are developing solutions to increase the lifespan of humans and the planet. The fund, in a slightly different twist, is primarily looking to invest into companies that use software and data to accelerate the adoption of scientific advancements in longevity.

Longevity. Technology: AI and Big Data, among other software-driven technologies, are driving innovation in the longevity sector. Co-founded by scientists-turned-entrepreneurs, Amol Sarva and Inaki Berenguer, LifeX Ventures’ investment philosophy draws on their combined experiences building software-led companies across a wide range of sectors. Sarva was interviewed to find out more.

Sarva and Berenguer, both cognitive scientists by training, have founded and/or led several startups such as CoverWallet USA, Virgin Mobile USA, and Halo Neuroscience. Both have personally invested in over 150 startups. Their recent focus has been on longevity.


New $100 million longevity fund puts the spotlight on software

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