Italian Voice Actors and Dubbing Workers Strike Against AI Taking Over Crucial Part of Movies

AI is Taking Over A Crucial Area Of Movies, And Workers Strike Against It

Hollywood blockbusters being distributed around the world is a part of filmmaking that’s often overlooked. Subtitles are widely used, but dubbed audiences embrace films more. Some native actors become associated with English-speaking performers. Variety reports that Italian voice actors and dubbing workers are on strike because studios want to replace them by AI dubbing.

The strike by Italian voice actors and dubbing employees has been ongoing since February 21st, and is expected to continue for another week. The workers’ complaints are similar to Marvel’s VFX contractors, who complain about low wages, long working hours and an unsustainable work pace. The union is concerned that dubbing may be completely replaced by machines now that AI programs have become more widely available and cost-effective than human work.

Rodolfo Bianchi is the head of the Italian dubbing director’s association ADID. He explained that \”we are forced to enter into contracts where we are giving away our rights to use our voice. This also includes the use our voice for artificial AI purposes.\” With how far technology has advanced in such a short time, Bianchi fears are well founded. Although a computer would have difficulty matching the tone and tenor in a dramatic performance of a voice, it is possible to do so cheaply.


AI Is Taking Over A Crucial Part Of Movies And Workers Are Striking Against It

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