ILOA Preparing for Launch of Cosmic Camera to Moon’s South Pole

A Cosmic camera is being sent to the Moon’s South Pole
The International Lunar Observatory Association in Hawaii is getting ready to launch a dual camera system that will be attached to a Moon Lander whose main purpose will to photograph the universe.

ILOA prepares its science education payload to be integrated on a commercial Moon lander this year. It also continues to develop more robust observatories in preparation for future long-term science and exploration missions.

Since the early 2000s, there have been several missions of the International Lunar Observatory. ILOA announced in 2013 the private enterprise mission that would serve both commercial and scientific purposes. The goal was to deliver the ILO at the Moon’s South Pole on a robotic landing. It is hoped that the mission will establish permanent astrophysical observation and lunar commercial communication systems for amateur and professional researchers.


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