High-Tech Solution to Weeds: Carbon Robotics’ Pull-Behind LaserWeeder Kills 200,000 Weeds Per Hour

Lasers kill 200,000 weeds an hour by a robot farmer
Carbon Robotics will unveil its third-generation Autonomous Weeder in 2021. This robot is a smart farm robot that can identify weeds, then destroy them using high-power lasers. The company has now taken the technology of that robot and created a LaserWeeder, which kills twice as much weed.

Weeds are a major threat to plants, as they compete for sunlight, soil nutrients, and space. Farmers are also concerned about weeds because they can make it easier for pest insects to damage crops.

Herbicides are effective in killing the unwanted plants but can also pollute water and harm soil. Hand pulling weeds is possible, but it can be a tedious task. Labor shortages in agriculture are a major problem.


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