GRACE: A Tiny Robot Hand with Artificial Muscles that can Lift a Thousand Times its Own Weight

New tiny robots can lift up to a thousand times their own weight using artificial muscles

The robot hand, GRACE (pronounced \”Grace\”) can bend fingers and perform realistic human movements.

Scientists have created a new artificial muscle capable of lifting 1,000 times its weight. * 3D actuators combined together to form an actual robot hand capable of lifting 8kg. * The high strength properties could be used to improve the capabilities of other body parts or devices.

Researchers from the Italian Institute of Technology have developed a class of artificial muscles with high strength that can contract and stretch like human muscles in a manner that has never before been achieved. A recent research paper states that the muscles have a degree of versatility and grace that is closely matched with lifelike movements. They also provide a boost to the development of 3D functional devices, such as artificial bodyparts. A class of pneumatic artificial muscles that are strong and flexible has been combined into a robot arm capable of lifting up to a thousand times its weight.


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