GPT 5: Artificial General Intelligence Set to Launch, Boasting Human-Like Intelligence

ChatGPT 5, a new version of the ChatGPT software, will be launched soon and boasts a Human-like intelligence
That’s interesting. This will scare some and cause controversy. I am interested to know if the Google Play Store will carry it.

OpenAI launched GPT 4 just a few short weeks ago. It is the latest version of their Large Language Model. There’s now a chance that GPT 5, the next major version, could be released before the end of 2023. This information is based on a BGR article, which was based on tweets from developer Siqi Chen.

OpenAI, however, hasn’t yet made any public comments about GPT 5. We don’t yet know what improvements and changes to expect. Chen’s first tweet implied that OpenAI expected GPT 5 would achieve Artificial General Intelligence. If this is the case, then it would mean that the chatbot will reach human-like intelligence and understanding.


ChatGPT 5 set to launch soon boasting Human-like intelligence

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