Gaining Security Through Passwordless Logins: How Your Company Can Benefit

Secure device and account access with passwordless login

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Large corporations push for new security measures as the digitization of services in multiple industries increases. They want to protect sensitive customer information and documents. These measures include passwordless logins and new authentication methods that add an additional layer of protection to data.

According to a Gartner report, the transition to passwordless logins will be unavoidable. A recent Gartner survey predicted that 60% of large global companies and 90% of medium-sized enterprises would adopt passwordless logins in at least half of their use cases. It’s not surprising that password-only authentication is one of the biggest digital vulnerabilities. Due to the complexity of managing multiple passwords, consumers are often tempted by the temptation to reuse them across services.


Passwordless logins boost security for device and account access

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