From Home Robots to Household Helpers: Toyota Research Institute’s Journey

Robots from Toyota Research Institute leave the home

Max Bajracharya is the senior vice president for robotics at Toyota Research Institute (TRI). He admits: \”I’m just as guilty as everyone else.\” It’s like our GPUs have improved. Now that we have machine learning, you can be sure we will do it. \”Oh, that was harder than I thought.\”

Ambition is a key aspect of the work. There’s a long-standing tradition of learning from mistakes. Even though the smartest people can explain a thousand times why an issue isn’t solved, it’s easy to believe that things will be different this time around with the right people.

The home is the impossible task for TRI’s robotics team. It’s not for lack of effort that the team hasn’t had success. Roboticists from all generations have said that there are many problems ripe for automation, but so far the results have been disappointing. There has been very little progress beyond the robotic vacuum.


Toyota Research Institute’s robots leave home

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