Foreshadowing the Future: Analyzing VentureBeat’s Top 10 AI Stories of 2022 and What They Mean for 2023

What the top 10 AI stories of 2022 tell us about 2023

When we review VentureBeat’s most important AI stories, it is clear that industry advances, including in generative AI, are not only powerful but also vast.

OpenAI, for example, is the artificial intelligence lab that developed the AI tools which exploded in this year. These included DALL-E 2 as well as ChatGPT. They released buzz-about advances that attracted attention from both the public and the tech industry. DALL-E’s text-to-image creation and ChatGPT’s new capabilities for producing high-quality content in long-form made creatives wonder if they would soon be out-of-a-job. And who owned the content that these tools were creating?

OpenAI’s next advancements are not far away. Ray 2.0, the next major milestone of OpenAI’s machine learning technology, was launched this fall. This update is a runtime-layer that will simplify the management and building of large AI workloads.


What 10 top AI stories in 2022 reveal about 2023

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