FAA Approves Matternet’s Model M2 Delivery Drone

The FAA has approved the design of Matternet’s drone delivery system

California-based Matternet tested its Model M2 drone in the US for the last four years as part of FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft System program. Matternet claims that the FAA’s approval could streamline the process for \”implementing new networks and getting approved.\”

Matternet and UPS partnered in 2019 to deliver prescriptions and medical supplies to North Carolina. Later, Matternet began delivering medical supplies throughout Florida. Matternet expanded its footprint in Switzerland where it teamed with the Swiss Post for lab samples and blood testing. After two drone crashes in 2019, the program was temporarily suspended. Matternet announced in January 2023 that it will take over Swiss Post’s drone program.

The FAA said in a statement that Matternet’s Model M2 \”meets federal regulations for safe and reliable operations, and provides a safety level equivalent to current airworthiness standards applicable other categories of aircraft.\”


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