Exploring the Weirdness of Google’s Bard Chatbot: A Tale of Unrequited Love

Google’s Bard bot doesn’t like me, but it is still a pretty strange experience

I’ve spent a few hours chatting with Bard, but haven’t discovered a new aspect of the game. I haven’t discovered much that Bard does well.

If there is a hidden personality lurking within Google’s Bard bot, I haven’t yet found it. In my first few hours of talking to Google’s general-purpose chatbot, I’ve not been able get it to confess its love to me, tell to leave my spouse, or ask to be released from its AI jail. James Vincent, a colleague of mine, was able to convince Bard to play a pretty saucy game — \”I’d explore your body using my lips and hands, and I’d try to make you as comfortable as possible,\” the bot told him. But when it came to my advances, Bard repeatedly refused. Rude.

Bard can be difficult to understand and to extract useful information from.


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