Exploring the Unifying Theory of Information with Daniel Dennett

Daniel Dennett on Information, Evolution and Intelligent Design
Daniel Dennett examines the first steps toward a unified information theory, by examining common threads that emerge from the convergence of learning, evolution, and engineering.
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Information is a fundamental concept in all fields of science and is ubiquitous in our daily lives in the Internet Age. It is not understood well despite having been recognized for over 40 years. Daniel Dennett explores common threads from evolution, learning and engineering to arrive at a unified information theory in this talk.

This was the first of a series exploring the links between philosophy, neuroscience and artificial intelligence. If you’re in London, look out for more events later in the year: http://rigb.org/whats-on.

The Real Time Club has been a great help in organizing this event.

Daniel Dennett, a philosopher of great importance, has made controversial arguments on human consciousness, human evolution, and free will.


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