Exploring the Robotic Age of Mars: A Timelapse of the First 2 Years of Colonization

The First 2 Years on Mars (Prequel) Timelapse
SpaceX Starships will carry 120 robots on 10 SpaceX Starships to Mars. They are the pioneers of colonizing the Red Planet. They are building robot habitats for protection, then constructing landing pads, structures and life support systems to welcome the humans.

The Mars colonization mini-documentary also discusses the type of robots which will be building on Mars. It also looks at solar fields and how Elon Musk or Tesla could build a battery station for the Mars colony. Finally, it shows how the Martian colonies expands over the two years that the robots work. The Robotic Age of Mars.

Additional footage: SpaceX (NASA/JPL/University of Arizona), ICON, HASSEL Tesla, Lockhead Martin.

A sci-fi film about a building on Mars, as well as a look at the future through timelapse.
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The Martian Book explains the science, math and physics behind living on Mars through a fictional character.
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