Exploring the Possibility of Superintelligence: A Conversation with Michael Wooldridge of Oxford University

Oxford professor Michael Wooldridge
Professor John University of Oxford explains the possibility of conscious machines.

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Michael Wooldridge, professor of computer sciences at the University of Oxford, and AI researcher, explained in his book, \”A Brief History of AI\”, that AI was not about creating intelligence, but about creating machines capable of performing tasks that require it.

Wooldridge discusses two AI approaches: symbolic AI, and machine learning. Machine learning is a method of teaching machines specific tasks by using examples. Symbolic AI involves the coding of human knowledge in machines. In the 1970s, AI progress slowed down due to a shortage of data and computing power. However, recent technological advancements have made significant advances. AI can do narrower tasks than humans but its grand goal is to achieve artificial general intelligence, which means machines that have the same intellect as humans. AI faces a challenge in giving machines social abilities, like cooperation, coordination and negotiation.

The road to conscious machines is long and complicated, and the mystery surrounding human consciousness and self awareness remains unsolved. Computing is only limited by the imagination.

The Hollywood Dream of AI: Consciousness
AI and machine learning: The Birth of AI & Machine Learning.
The AI winter.
AGI: The Next Era of Intelligence: 4:04.
5:03 Why are humans big-brained?
5:52 Creating conscious machines.


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