Exploring the Future of AI: What to Expect From the Next Generation of Large Language Models

Next Generation Large Language Models

If you haven’t already heard, artificial intelligent is the hottest thing. From Silicon Valley to Davos, everyone seems to be talking about generative AI these days.

It may appear to those who began paying attention to AI in the year 2022 that technologies such as ChatGPT or Stable Diffusion have appeared out of nowhere and taken the world by surprise. They didn’t.

It has been obvious to those in the field since the release of GPT-2, in 2019, that generative models are poised to bring about a massive economic and social transformation. Text-to-image technology only came to the attention of the public last summer. However, its ascendance was inevitable ever since OpenAI released DALL-E original in January 2021. This argument was made in an article we wrote days after the original DALL.E.

It is also important to note that the current AI state-of-the-art is not the end of AI capabilities. The frontiers of AI have never been more advanced than they are now. ChatGPT is not the end of artificial intelligence.

What will be the look of the next generation large language models? This question has already been answered by AI research groups and startups.


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