Exploring the Existential Questions of Humanoid AI with Geordie Rose of Sanctuary AI

Can AI change what it means to be human? (w/ Geordie Rose, Sanctuary AI)
Vancouver is a likely place to see the arrival of humanoid artificial intelligent.

Some of the people who are working on creating AI, or AI that is human-like, live and work in this country. They have a great track record, so the odds of them succeeding are very high. D-Wave, a company that was founded by one of these brains, is the leader in the field of quantum computing.

What is it that makes us human? What drives us, how can we tell right from wrong? And whose morals will be the basis of the self-learning machine’s programming? This is just one of many questions surrounding what many people believe to be the last great discovery by humans.

Geordie rose of Sanctuary AI was invited to participate in a Conversation that Matters on artificial intelligence. We asked him why, what, where, when and how soon.

Conversations that Matter is a program of the Centre for Dialogue at Simon Fraser University. Stuart McNish, veteran broadcaster, will be hosting a Conversation every week about important issues that are shaping our future.

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