Exploring the Digital Divide with Prof. Luciano Floridi: ChatGPT, Superintelligence, Ethics, and the Philosophy of Information

Prof. LUCIANO FLORIA — Superintelligence, Ethics and Philosophy of Information
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Digital divide is a result of the rapid growth in technology. Professor Luciano Floridi, of the Oxford Internet Institute/Oxford University, believes that the digital divide affects not only our understanding of implications of this new era but also how a fair society is organized.

Information Revolution has transformed the global economy. The majority of the GDP is now dependent on intangibles, like information-related products. The result has been the creation of more data than ever before in human history. Professor Floridi says that 95% of the data generated today is by our current generation. This data has eroded our human agency.

Professor Floridi believes that the digital divide is responsible for a lack in balance between our understanding of technological progress and its growth. He believes the infosphere has become polluted, and that technology and artificial intelligence are increasingly determining the informational manifold. It is essential to identify, anticipate and resolve these problems. Professor Floridi’s research focuses on Philosophy of Information and Philosophy of Technology, as well as Digital Ethics.

We need to equip ourselves with an effective philosophy of information in order to better understand the new information age and its risks. Professor Floridi leads the charge and his research in Digital Ethics, Philosophy of Information, and Philosophy of Technology helps us better anticipate, identify, and resolve the problems caused by digital divide.

Introduction to Luciano’s ideas and work.
Chat GPT/language models.
[00:29.24] AI Risk / \”Singularitarians
[00:37.53] Forms and governance.
[00:44.35] Re-ontologising of the world
[00:55.35] It is a bit, Computationalism without a purpose and philosophy.
[01:03] Digital Ethics.


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