Exploring Open-Source Alternatives to GPT-3 in 2023

The Top 10 Open Source GTP3 Alternatives to Try in 2023

Generative Pretrained Transformer 3 is a language model with auto-regression that was first released a few short years ago. This model is based on deep learning and produces text that looks like human speech. It has a lot of potential. There are many alternatives to GTP-3, but they’re not all available. Here’s a list with the top 10 GTP-3 open-source alternatives that you should consider in 2023.


Bloom, an open-source multilingual model developed by over 1,000 AI researchers is considered the best alternative to GPT-3. It was trained with 176 billion parameters – a billion more than GPT-3 – and 384 graphics cards, each of which had a memory greater than 80 gigabytes, were required for the training.


Top 10 Open-Source GTP3 Alternatives You Should Try in 2023

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