Exploring Human-Machine Interfaces: Exploring the Benefits of Phantom Neuro’s Minimally Invasive Technology with Dr. Connor Glass

Dr. Connor Glass
Neuralink’s invasive implanted brain vs. phantom Neuro’s minimally-invasive muscle implant. Brain computer interfaces (BCI), Phantom Neuro and the future of replacing missing functions are discussed in depth.

Connor glass.
Phantom creates a system that allows for a lifelike interaction between humans and machines. We are looking for forward-thinking and skilled electrical, mechanical and UI engineers, as well as AR/VR and Ai/ML. Want to contact us? Send us an email at [email protected].

Phantom Neuro.
Phantom, a neurotechnology startup spun out of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine’s lab, enables lifelike control of robotic orthopaedic technologies such as exoskeletons and prosthetic limbs. Phantom’s Phantom X solution consists of low risk implantable sensors, artificial intelligence, and enabling technology. The Phantom X, which provides superior control over robotic orthopedic mechanisms will dramatically improve the lives and quality of life of people with limb differences.

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00:00 start.
What Connor Glass has built at Phantom Neuro.
02:10 Special sauce at Phantom Neuro.
06:20 Problems with technology transfer, e.g. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
08:30 IP Lawyers and How to Work with Them as a Startup in Neural Tech
10:20 Phantom Neuro Implant thoughts on whether it is an outpatient procedure or requires operating room time.
17:20 Phantom Neuro vs wearable as an implant
Phantom Neuro-muscle interface and remote medicine / da vinci surgery.
23:10 Difficulty in Haptic Feedback of Muscle Interface Devices
26:00 Tesla model, regulation, building to upgrade, inability to make any changes.
29:00 Phantom Neuro – Competitive advantages over Paradromics and Neuralink devices
The government spent 33:20 billions on R/D that did not affect patients.
Phantom Neuro Machine Learning Process, Data, and Prediction.
37:00 Making the Phantom Neuro device look human-like / computing power.
39:10 Neuralink (BCI), Paradromics (paradigms), Phantom Neuro and Regenerative Medicine — Who will win in the near future?
43:15 Regenerative medicine blockers.
44:50 The impact of social economic status on longevity
He’s eager to experience and see the future.
47:20 The safest time in history and social media issues
48:20 The news is not true. People are more kind than they would like us to believe.
Social media issues.
What happiness means to Connor Glass.
51:05 Connor Glass questions my views on happiness.
52:50 Maximizing happiness.
53:20 He’s trying to improve his skill.
54:20 Books!
56:40 Technology from wars, Operation Paperclip.
Japanese Unit 731 in World War II History.
58:20 ww2 books.
59:05 Connor Glass and Phantom Neuro and some thoughts about the newsletter.


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