Exploring Futurism and Human Sustainability with Prof. Ian Hale: The Ben Zion Futurism Podcast Returns!

The #BenZion Futurism #Podcast has returned!
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Episode 24 is about:
Ben Zion and Dr. Hale discuss the two most exceptional 21st century projects (beyond those to do with building a humane and sustainable economic system, which should have rightly been achieved in the 20th century) namely Universal Superlongevity and Human-Centered-Artificial-Superintelligence, and the noble work of Ageless Partners in the life extension arena. (Continued in Ep. 25)

Prof. Ian Hale is an autism author, broadcaster and member of the World Academy of Medical Science. He also serves as the Director of Research for Ageless Partners’ radical new rejuvenation program.

He is an associate of the Moscow Institute of Science & Technology & Russian Academy of Science.

This is a sneak peek, but it will be posted there next week.
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How to plan a #WorldRevolution
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Why aren’t we all doing this right now, together in our every free waking hour !!????! !


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