Exploring Artificial Consciousness in the Context of ‘Being John Malkovich’

Study examines artificial consciousness within the context of ‘Being John Malkovich.

Recent technological advancements such as the creation of robots and machine-learning algorithms that are increasingly complex have led to a heated debate on artificial intelligence (AI). Many of the tools that have been created have produced remarkable results. However, there has been much discussion about how they differ from humans.

Computer scientists and neuroscientists are pondering the difference between \”consciousness\” and intelligence, and whether machines can ever achieve the latter. Amar Singh is an Assistant Professor at Banaras Hindu University. He published a paper recently in a Springer Link special issue on AI & Society, which explores these concepts through drawing parallels to the fantasy film, \”Being John Malkovich.\”

Spike Jonze directed \”Being John Malkovich\”, a film from 1999 that featured John Cusack and Cameron Diaz. The story is about a puppeteer that discovers a portal to access the mind and alter the being of movie star John Malkovich.


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