Exploring AI Progress, Chimps, Memes, and Markets with Connor Leahy

Connor Leahy: AI Progress, Chimps, Memes, and Markets
Connor Leahy, from Conjecture, joins the podcast. He discusses AI progress, chimps and memes. Learn more about Connor’s work at https://conjecture.dev.

00:00 Introduction.
01:00 Defining artificial general intelligence.
What makes humans stronger than chimps at 04:52?
17:23 Do AIs need to be social in order to be intelligent
20:29 Importing memes from humans into AIs
How can we measure AI progress?
42:39 Gut feelings about AI progress
47:29 Connor makes predictions about AGI
52:44 Are you betting against the market by predicting AGI’s future?
57:43 What is the accuracy of prediction markets regarding AGI?


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