Engineering a LEGO-like Reconfigurable Artificial Intelligence Chip

Engineers create artificial intelligence chip that looks like LEGO

Imagine a future where smartwatches and other wearables devices, such as smartphones, don’t need to be discarded or put on the shelf for a brand new model. They could instead be upgraded with the latest processors and sensors that snap on to a device’s chip, like LEGO bricks integrated into an existing design. Reconfigurable chips could be used to keep our devices current while reducing electronic waste.

MIT engineers are now taking a big step towards this modular vision, with a LEGO like design for a stackable and reconfigurable artificial-intelligence chip.

This design uses light-emitting Diodes (LEDs) to allow the layers of the chip to communicate with each other optically. In other modular chip designs, signals are relayed between layers using conventional wiring. These intricate connections can be difficult, if not even impossible, to cut and rewire. This makes stackable designs unreconfigurable.


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