Developing Human-Like Reasoning for AI: An Amazon re: MARS Revisited Series

AI that can reason like a human
Amazon re-MARS, the company’s in person event, which explores advances and practical applications in machine learning, automation robotics, space, and more (MARS), will take place in Las Vegas in June 2022. The event included keynote speeches, innovation spotlights and breakout sessions. It brought together technical experts and thought leaders who are building the future of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Amazon Science has decided to revisit some of the breakout sessions and keynotes from the conference in its re: MARS Revisited series. We asked the presenters to answer three questions and provided the video of their talk.

Craig Saunders and Devesh Pantdey from Alexa AI-Natural Understanding presented \”Human-like Reasoning for an AI\” on June 24. The presentation was centered on how Amazon develops human-like reasoning in Alexa. This includes how Alexa automatically recovers from errors, such as Alexa recognizing that \”turn on\” lights is the correct command for a noisy room (instead \”turn off\” lights) when lights are already turned on.


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