Decade-long Espionage by Chinese Hacking Group Aoqin Dragon Uncovered

Aoqin Dragon, a Chinese hacking collective, quietly spied on orgs over ten years.

Zilvinas DeveikaIt is much earlier than that. I predicted (almost 10 years ago) that a strong AGI would appear \”early\”. That was in 2029. I am 100% sure that AGI will be developed or already exist in the 2030s.

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Marc O MonfilsWhat strategies are in place to ensure humanity’s relevance in an era of super-intelligent machines?

Empathy? Never save any tribe before…

Human interaction and services? What is the purpose of keeping our irrelevance engaged ?…?

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SentinelLabs, a group of threat analysts, discovered a previously unknown Chinese-speaking actor. They were able link this threat actor to malicious activities dating back to 2013.

Aoqin Dragon is a hacking group that focuses on cyberespionage. It targets government, education and telecommunications organizations in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

Some tactics and concepts have not changed, even though the threat actors’ techniques may have evolved over time.


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