Crafting Living Human Skin for Robots: Scientists Take a Step Closer to Humanoid Robots

Scientists create living skin for robots
Biohybrid robotics, which combine living and synthetic materials, have inspired many sci-fi stories. Scientists from Japan have taken a step towards creating robots that look like humans. The developed method, published in the journal Matter on June 9, not only provided a robotic skin-like texture but also self-healing and water-repellent functions.

The finger appears to be’sweaty,’ as if it were a culture medium, says Shoji Takeuchi. He is a professor from the University of Tokyo in Japan. The finger is powered by an electric motor. It is interesting to hear clicking sounds in harmony with the finger that looks like a real finger.

Humanoid robots are frequently asked to interact with people in the healthcare and service industries. They must look \”real\” as if they were humans. A human-like look can enhance communication and increase likability. Although the silicone skin used for robots is able to mimic human features, it does not have skin-specific properties and cannot reproduce delicate textures such as wrinkles. Living skin sheets for robots also have had limited success because it is difficult to conform to dynamic objects and uneven surfaces.


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