Chip-Sized Photonic Filter for 6G Wireless Communication: Separating Signals from Noise for Improved Connections and Experiences

The photonic filter is designed to separate signals from noise and support future wireless communications.

Researchers have developed a chip-sized photonic microwave filter that separates communication signals from background noise, and suppresses unwanted interference throughout the entire radio frequency spectrum. The device will help wireless communication technologies of the future efficiently transmit data in a crowded environment, which is becoming increasingly cluttered with signals from devices like cell phones, self driving vehicles, internet connected appliances, and smart city infrastructure.

\”This new micro-wave filter chip can improve wireless communication such as 6G. It will lead to faster internet connections and better communication experiences, lower costs, and less energy consumption in wireless communication systems,\” explained researcher Xingjun Wang of Peking University. These advancements will directly and indirectly impact daily life. They will improve the overall quality of living and enable new experiences across various domains such as smart homes, public spaces, mobility and more.

Researchers describe in the Photonics Research Journal how their new filter is able to overcome the limitations of conventional electronic devices and achieve multiple functions on a chip-sized, low power device. The researchers also demonstrated the filter’s capability to operate over a wide radio frequency spectrum, extending up to 30 GHz. This shows its suitability for 6G technology.


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